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Trends To Get Rid Of

If a style is more than 10 years old, it is outdated. It might be time for an inventory clear out - and we can help !!

Millennials are very style conscious

These buyers have grown up with Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest etc they are very style conscious even on their often limited budgets (Ikea) So, as stagers our main goal is to make sure our inventory trendy and not screaming ''Your grandparents decorated this house."

Modern & Clean Lines are trendy nowadays.

Modern, clean lines and geometric patterns are what buyers are looking for these days. Always opt for neutral color palette with no shortage of interesting textures. Main task is to stay away from heavy, curvy metals & Tuscan furniture, but know your market, each market is very different. Usually the coasts get trends first and then they work their way towards middle America. Knowing the style of in your market will help you to be able to create a mix that will appeal to your target buyer. Drill down deep to connect with the buyer and use the trends in your market to get the listing sold.

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